2007 - 2015

Architect. High Technical School of Architecture (ETSAM - UPM) Madrid, Spain.


-Revit intensive course.

-Illustrator intensive course.

-Rhinoceros course.

-Building energy efficiency certification course.

(ETSAM-UPM) Madrid, Spain.


Summer course `100 projects´,

Central Saint Martin School of Art and Design, London.

1994 - 2007

Fuentelarreyna school, Madrid. High school honor distinction.



1st prize. Castelo de Abrantes international architecture competition.


Honor Mention. Richard H. Driehaus architecture competition for Grajal de Campos (León), España.

Exhibition ``put an AHU in your life´´ architecture projects seen from the facilities.


2nd prize. SIKA competition for architecture students.


2017 - at present

Architecture working group between college friends in order to indepently develop our design skills, in the elaboration of architecture competitions and our own works.

             -castelo de Abrantes architecture competition (1st prize).                         -Richard H. Driehaus architecture competition for Grajal de                             Campos (León), Spain (honor mention).

               -pavillion for Concéntrico 03 Architecture and Design festival                          of Logroño competition.

               -EUROPAN 14 Graz international competition.

             -Mallorca INSÒLIT festifal design competition 2018.

             -Tortosa A CEL OBERT festival design competition 2020.

november 2018 - at present

BIM Architect in Batlle i Roig, Barcelona

            -La Maquinista Mall extension and restoration, Barcelona.

              (draft project)

            -extension and restoration of Entrecanales house of Antonio                            Coderch, La Moraleja, Madrid

              (draft project)

            -residencial building in Sardenya street 225, Barcelona.

             (working project, project management)(working with REVIT)

            -Fabrica Pons restoration, Barcelona.

             (working project)

            -222 houses in Gorg sector, Badalona España

             (working project) (working with REVIT)

             -residencial building restoration, Paseo de Gracia 30, Barcelona.

              (project management)

            -residencial building in Can Clota, Esplugues de Llobregat

              (draft project, base project, working project)(working with REVIT)

            -multi-family residencial building in Finestrelles, Barcelona

              (base project) (working with REVIT)

            -multi-family residencial building in fr-08b block in Plaza de                           las Glorias, Barcelona.

             (working project) (working with REVIT)

            -25 apartments in Sant Andreu street, Barcelona.

             (commercial documentation, working project) (working with REVIT)

april 2017 - november 2018

Architect in DAW Office, Barcelona

            -Messi Experience Park, Nanjin, China.

             (draft project, schematic design)

             working with REVIT

            -proposal for the restoration of casa Navàs, Reus, Spain

             (proposal, graphic documentation)

            -proposal for the restoration of the monastery of Sant                       Jeroni de la Murtra, Badalona, Spain

             (proposal, graphic documentation)

            -residencial building restoration, Princesa 19, Barcelona.

             (working project, project management)

            -secondary school in Thionck Essyl, Senegal.

             (working project)

            -house in Caldetes, Caldes d´estrac, Barcelona.

             (working project, project management)

            -house in Tibidabo, Barcelona.

             (draft project)

            -club nautic premià, Camì Ral, Premià de Mar, Barcelona.

             (working project, project management)

            -office reform Lugar Abogados, Barcelona.

             (working project)

            -skate park, Calvià, Mallorca.

             (draft project)

            -skate park, Pontevedra, Galicia.

             (draft project)

             -Lanzarote Dynamic Square competition (honor mention)

             (proposal, graphic documentation)

march 2016 - april 2017

Architect in Estudio Azqueta, Madrid.

            -Viding Gym Center, Madrid.

             (working project, interior design, project                                        management and end of works)

            -single family house in Ciudalcampo, Madrid.

             (base and working project)

            -swimming pool for a family single house in Santo                          Domingo residencial area, Madrid.

             (working project)

            -25 detached houses in Arroyomolinos, Madrid.

             (base and working project)

            -23 detached houses in Arroyomolinos, Madrid.

             (Technical Building Code adaptation,                                             working project)

            -single family house remodeling in Santo Domingo                         residencial area, Madrid.

             (graphic documentation)

            -apartment remodeling in 23 Menéndez Pidal                                  street, Madrid.

             (graphic documentation, draft project)

            -two detached houses in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid.

             (working project, project management)

            -dental office reform in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid.

             (base and working project)

            -33 public houses in Rivas-Vaciamadrid, Madrid.                            (draft project, base project, detail study, working project)

2015 - at present

Freelance designer

               mr.tioda brand, where I create my own designs and                       illustrations related to architecture, color and                                 composition which was preset in several design                             markets:

               -Disseny Hub Design Market, Barcelona.
               -Pop Arq Store, COAM, Madrid.

june - september 2013

Internship at Fundación Constructora Benéfica, Madrid.

             -graphic documentation for several office and retail                        spaces, for future remodelations.

2010 - 2011 - 2013

Assistant in Tucutucu Producciones Culturales, at the organization of WORLD PRESS PHOTO exhibitions, Madrid, Spain.









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